Boss ML-2 Metal Core

Extreme Metal in a Compact Pedal! With extreme power, Boss ML-2 Metal Core Distortion Pedal is a compact pedal with characters more dense and heavy distortion ever created by BOSS . ML - 2 distortion present larger and more powerful with the characters ' heavy low " when you play tunes Nu Metal , Grind Core , Industrial , Hard Core , or genre that emphasizes the character of the sound is more dense . ML - 2 tone character that will complement the more fierce every beat count rhythm section that you create.

- Distortion is more solid character with a " sharp - edged attack" riffs " crushing metal "
- LOW control for character heavier tone , low frequency sound a la 7 - string guitar - tuning in the lower
- Control " HIGH " for screaming , metal tone character
- Metal construction " Road - tough" from BOSS

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